These Seeds Aren’t Foolin’!

The seeds have been germinating and really growing fast! I’m not sure if it’s the sunny window, the cow pots or my lovely singing voice but they’re certainly getting bigger every day.


ALMOST all of the seeds have germinated. There are a few stragglers…the herbs in particular. Good news is that there are one of each herb that did sprout for every one that did not. I moved them to a different window, but alas, there’s been no improvement. This may be because I didn’t put a hole in the bottom of the bottles they live in. Killing the idea of drainage. Ooops!

The secret to seed success is putting the container with the seeds in an owl head. Right?

In other news: It took the peppers almost 2 weeks to really pop through the soil. Good thing I never gave up hope!

I finally got little stakes to label each plant, which is good because the marker was fading on the CowPots. This provided me with about 15 or so minutes of entertainment as I named all my little plants something a bit more fun than just “Tomatoes”.

Cherry Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Hot Pepper Mix, Spinach, Cucumbers and Sweet Peppers

Black Summer Squash

Basil & Cilantro survive. Not pictured here is my glorious Parsley which liked the owl window.

I’ve been watering them every few days so as not to drown the plant. This seems to be working. In no time I’ll be able to transplant them outdoors.

Next week I’ll share my outdoor adventures with you. They include “Big Top Carrot”, “The Beet Goes On”… and more!

Here’s a preview of next week:

Question: Do you name your plants?


About VeggieKim

I am a twenty-something gal living in Central Pennsylvania aspiring to have my own edible garden. Follow me thru my trials and tribulations as I journey from seed to harvest.
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3 Responses to These Seeds Aren’t Foolin’!

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. I have been meaning to start a garden for years but never have. I think this year will be the year 🙂 SO I’m following your progress, trying to get inspiration.

    • VeggieKim says:

      Thanks so much! Gardening is not as scary as it seems. As long as your plants get sunshine, water and a little love you’ll grow wonders. 🙂

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