Week 3: Sprouting On Up

The window dwelling seedlings have been doing very well. I water them about every 2 days and since they grow toward the sun (see how they’re leaning?) I rotate them every so often as well.

Want to get up close and personal? Here you go! These are my Cool Hand Cukes (cucumbers). I think they’re looking healthy and happy.

You’ll never guess who else popped up in the last week. My herbs! I assumed they had drowned but apparently I was wrong.

What’s growing on outside? I planted my in ground seeds inside the raised bed. I sprinkled two 24 inch (ish) rows of each seed. That way there would still be room for my Rhubarb and strawberries when they’re planted. The raised bed is watered and spoken to daily…unless it rains. :

Inside: Big Top Carrots, The Beet Goes On..., Super Salad Mix, Spring Onyums.

Close up:

This past weekend, I was away for the Easter holiday, but my garden was still being cared for. When I returned, there were little sprouts!! Specifically in the Super Salad Mix. I hope the rest follow suit soon!!

Tomorrow I’m headed to an Edible Container Gardening Class at Stauffers of Kissel Hill East York location. It’s at 5:30 p.m. and admission is free! Shall I save you a seat?

In conclusion I leave you with an image of my favorite flower: The Lilac. Now blooming outside of my kitchen window. Yay!


About VeggieKim

I am a twenty-something gal living in Central Pennsylvania aspiring to have my own edible garden. Follow me thru my trials and tribulations as I journey from seed to harvest.
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2 Responses to Week 3: Sprouting On Up

  1. Laure Carlo says:

    Of course I love lilacs!
    I’m impressed with your seedlings.

  2. Thanks for the follow! Your seedlings look fantastic- can’t wait to watch them grow! 🙂

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