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Week 10: Dad’s Got A Bigger Veggie Garden

Memorial weekend was hot and humid at my parents house. I was very excited to visit for the holiday, anticipating swimming and grilling at our lake house…but first…I had to help Dad plant his raised bed garden. I certainly didn’t … Continue reading

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Hurricane Pepper

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend…however to man’s fiancé, the dog is known as Nemesis. We’ve graced with a lot of rain so the soil is wet and that is heaven for our dog Pepper. She loves to … Continue reading

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Week 8: Eating Veggies – Dinner for who?

Finally now in week 8 the lettuce and herbs are ready to be harvested. Which means delicious veggie dishes from garden to table. THAT’S exciting! But I’m not the only one thrilled for a homegrown delicious meal. Guess who is coming to … Continue reading

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Week 7: Transplanting Seedlings

The weather outside has been a bit gloomy, but it is warm enough that you can transplant seedlings outside. So that’s exactly what I did. It seemed like my seedlings were getting droopy in the tray, though flowers developed. The … Continue reading

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Week 6: Thinning my Spring Vegetables

The Spring vegetable garden has been growing nicely and I am now monitoring the vegetables for when they’re ready to be thinned. Thinning requires one to look and see if any seedlings are crowding each other and pulling out some … Continue reading

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