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Week 14: To Prune or Not to Prune

These days my garden is looking rather lush and full. Perhaps too lush and too full. This 8×8 plot can barely contain the Sassy Squash (Zucchini), Romance (Roma) and Cherry Bomb (Cherry) Tomatoes, or the Cool Hand Cukes (Cucumbers). These … Continue reading

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Week 13: It’s getting crowded in here!

Thirteen weeks ago, I planted two summer squash AKA Sassy Squash seeds in my kitchen window. It is unbelievable to me that they’ve gotten so big!!   Can you see the zucchini?? The garden is looking a little jungle-esque. I … Continue reading

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Week 12: (Re) Moving Veggies & Tied-y-ing up the Garden

It’s the end of the line for my lettuce, spring onions and spinach. I enjoyed plucking and bagging the lettuce & spinach for salads and juices but as my father says, “They’re once and done”. After your first pick they … Continue reading

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