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Week 19: Garden Fresh Tomato Sauce

It’s tomato time in the garden! Cherry tomatoes have been popping up here and there, but it wasn’t until I came home from a brief vacation that I really was loaded with ripe ‘maters. Picking more, and more each day. … Continue reading

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Week 18: Diagnosis and Repair

Since my last post, here’s what’s been happening. Upon further inspection of the sick zucchini, I have borers. They were eating holes in the base of the zucchini  making the rest of the plant look sick. 😦 So, to prevent … Continue reading

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Week 17: Sick Zucchini

I’m just coming off of a 10 day heat wave into a little rain and another 2 day heat advisory with temps climbing into the 100s. The irrigation system seems to keep my plants thriving with the exception of the … Continue reading

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Week 16: Harvesting

It’s time to harvest in the Garden!! The carrots are a little small this year. I think there are two reasons for this, 1.) I did not plant the “King Carrot” variety and 2.) I didn’t thin these carrots out … Continue reading

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