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Week: 24 & 25 Tomato Madness

When it rains it pours! And it’s raining tomatoes in my garden. The first that began to ripen were the cherry tomatoes.   Then came the grafted San Marzano and regular Roma tomatoes. The grafted San Marzano tomatoes were said to be … Continue reading

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Week 24: How to Can GardenTomatoes

Today we’re talking all about canning tomatoes! I know nothing about canning, but my mother does 🙂 So over labor day weekend I went home to my family’s cottage in the Poconos and mom schooled me all morning so I … Continue reading

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Week 8: Eating Veggies – Dinner for who?

Finally now in week 8 the lettuce and herbs are ready to be harvested. Which means delicious veggie dishes from garden to table. THAT’S exciting! But I’m not the only one thrilled for a homegrown delicious meal. Guess who is coming to … Continue reading

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