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Week 18: Planting Shrubs

This past weekend I went to my parents home in the Poconos and subsquently to our lakehouse. I snapped a few pics of mom’s window boxes, hanging basket and her flag out front. She always does a great job! Unfortunately … Continue reading

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2013 Garden Week 8: This Beat is Hydro-Ponic

This past week the seedlings have grown a little more, both inside and outside. We had some freezing nights so we threw a sheet over the ones outside. They seem to have survived. Speaking of survival, it looks as if … Continue reading

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2013 Garden Week 7: Growing

The outdoor seeds we planted and bulbs are happily growing with the warm and rainy weather we’ve had. It seems like April Showers will bring May flowers/salads 🙂 Here’s a little photo tour Even the nectarine tree is flowering. You … Continue reading

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2013 Spring Garden! Week 1

Hello Garden friends! I’ve not posted since October 2012…. So what have I been doing all these months?? Enjoying the holidays with family, adventuring and waiting for another Spring season to arrive. I’m happy to announce that this year we’ll … Continue reading

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Week 24: How to Can GardenTomatoes

Today we’re talking all about canning tomatoes! I know nothing about canning, but my mother does 🙂 So over labor day weekend I went home to my family’s cottage in the Poconos and mom schooled me all morning so I … Continue reading

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Week 14: To Prune or Not to Prune

These days my garden is looking rather lush and full. Perhaps too lush and too full. This 8×8 plot can barely contain the Sassy Squash (Zucchini), Romance (Roma) and Cherry Bomb (Cherry) Tomatoes, or the Cool Hand Cukes (Cucumbers). These … Continue reading

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Week 8: Eating Veggies – Dinner for who?

Finally now in week 8 the lettuce and herbs are ready to be harvested. Which means delicious veggie dishes from garden to table. THAT’S exciting! But I’m not the only one thrilled for a homegrown delicious meal. Guess who is coming to … Continue reading

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