Week 19: I Grow Flowers Too

This last week I’ve really noticed my flowers coming into bloom. The hydrangea are really spectacular and my container garden of wave petunias and zinnias is getting full as well.

20130629_083415 20130629_083422

I started my zinnias from seed. The variety is called “State Fair” and the blooms get s big as your fist. The anticipation with these is killing me!!! I just recently started seeing buds.

The daylilies out from are just coming in as well. They’re a rich yellow color. I like to think that my curb appeal is pretty good:



Back in the veggie garden I’m harvesting a lot of strawberries from our little patch and some cherry tomatoes & peppers. They’re great for salads.

20130702_143649 IMG_20130702_183001

In conclusion I leave you with my owl vase and two hydrangea that I cut. It’s too bad these don’t live longer in water! I’d love to stare at them all summer long.



About VeggieKim

I am a twenty-something gal living in Central Pennsylvania aspiring to have my own edible garden. Follow me thru my trials and tribulations as I journey from seed to harvest.
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