2013 Spring Garden: Week 4

Dear friends, how does your garden grow? Mine is still in the kitchen window! It’s been cold and snowy these last two weeks and not yet time to move my baby plants outside.


The seedlings are happy and healthy. The peppers were the last to sprout and the cucumber & zucchini are really getting big.


Since I’m still in a holding pattern, I decided I should seed more veggies! Specifically Roma Tomatoes (yum-tacular), State Fair Zinnias and Bok Choy. The State Fair Zinnia will be the first flower I ever sow from seed!

One of my good friends and avid gardener, Katy, has lots of these large zinnias in her yard. They remind me a little of Doctor Suess type trees.

Anyway, I’m enthralled with them and Katy has advised that I start these inside until they’re about 4 inches tall. This will keep the bunnies away from them. So that is exactly what I’ll do.


You might notice the cool packets the Zinnias and Baby Bok Choi have come in. My manager picked these up for me at the Philadelphia Flower show. They’re from Hudson Valley Seed Library and each of these envelopes opens into a little piece of artwork.

20130324_074326What else is still growing in my window is my baby basil! This little rescue plant has survived… and though I wish there were more than one plant, you never know what’s going on in those roots. Maybe I’ll get more sprouts once I transplant.

I think next week I’ll be able to start onions outside and some of my leafy veggies. There’s something called “seed rot” that happens when the ground is too wet. Your seeds don’t germinate, they just rot in the ground and your whole plan is ka-put. Let’s hope I avoid all of that by waiting. 🙂


I am saving the best picture for last! The coolest thing I’m trying to plant this year is potatoes in a Tater Tower! My finance is awesome, and built this for me so that I can plant the potatoes. Here’s the plan as laid out by this Seattle times example: (http://growandresist.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/tatertower.gif)

Basically I put the soil and potatoes in this box and build it up for some time. Pray for no potatoes bugs, then pull out the bottom board and find POTATOES!! This is why I bought the red variety….easier to discover. 🙂


I hope you have a fantastic day of sunshine! I’ll just be here impatiently waiting to plant these seedlings. Oh and so is Pepper…. #whereisspring


About VeggieKim

I am a twenty-something gal living in Central Pennsylvania aspiring to have my own edible garden. Follow me thru my trials and tribulations as I journey from seed to harvest.
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