Week 23: Planting a Fall Garden and Cabbage Worms

This past week I sat my beet and broccoli seedlings outside for the week until I could transplant them.  Little holes emerged and I just assumed bunnies were having a snack while Pepper wasn’t looking, so I brought them back inside and set the trays by the window.

Fast forward to Sunday, and the weather is overcast and mild. Team Garden (Comprised of myself, Pepper and my fiancé) were out back, getting ready to trim back and rip out summer crops to make room for the next batch of plants.

I dug out my leftover spring seeds, spinach and spring onions …

Before we could plant anything, we had to tackle the bent fence and the tightly clustered tomatoes. Because the bunnies have been getting braver and jumping inside the garden we got a larger fence. See the exact packaging here:

We rolled it out over the existing fence made of chicken wire. This should keep those hungry little fuzzies out!

While my fiance rolled out the fencing and staked it, I took on the uber gnarly tomato plants. I admit, I let them run rampant and grow however they wanted.  So I made some serious cuts, even making the executive decision to remove all but 4 tomato plants. 2 cherry “bomb” and 2 roma”ance”.

Do you see the two piles I developed? It took 3 large lawn trash bags to get rid of all the weeds and tomato shrapnel.

I picked as many tomatoes as I could and made it into sauce again that day. The others that had fallen off and rotted or been spoiled on the vine were trashed. …Okay I know, there are people starving out there, how I could let my tomatoes rot? The only answer I can give you is, lay off me bro! I did my best. 😉

Fresh picked!

After a little work and sweat the garden looked significantly better and we were ready to get planting:

I was shoving roots and rotted tomatoes (not a delicious fragrance) into a bag when my fiance reports from the table with the seedlings: “We have cabbage worms.”


So basically there weren’t bunnies eating my broccoli, it was worms!! *insert scream here* And these worms lived in my kitchen on the windowsill for about a week. *insert ANOTHER scream here*

Here’s what I’ve learned, “cabbage worms” are the larva of a Cabbage White butterfly. They like to eat cabbage, broccoli, and kale as a larva. And the little worm is super hungry because it needs energy in order to metamorphize over winter. These worms can take out a whole plant, but I’m determined to pick these little things off (with gloves) to ensure my broccoli survives.

Moving on here are the newest plants! Clearly I was watching  George Harrison documentary before gardening…



Keep you posted on all thing worms (eww), tomatoes (yum) and garden happenings (yay)!

Pepper isn’t so into overcast cloudy days.


About VeggieKim

I am a twenty-something gal living in Central Pennsylvania aspiring to have my own edible garden. Follow me thru my trials and tribulations as I journey from seed to harvest.
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