Week 16: Harvesting

It’s time to harvest in the Garden!!

The carrots are a little small this year. I think there are two reasons for this, 1.) I did not plant the “King Carrot” variety and 2.) I didn’t thin these carrots out well enough.


Over the 4th of July, I enjoyed a vacation at my family’s lake house. Thankfully my fiance had rigged the irrigation system so that the garden would be watered daily while we were gone. It’s a good thing he did because while we were away the temperatures were in the high 90s and some days even in the 100s!!

On the way home we speculated…what if one of the tubes sprung a leak or came undone and there was water everywhere? We were wrong. Once we got back home (to an 80 degree house!) we flipped on the air conditioning and then I was called outside to the garden. It was alive and well! So well in fact my plants went from this:

to this in just one week’s time!

The Sassy Squash AKA green squash AKA Zucchini… had doubled in size. Here’s a scale photo. And p.s. I do not have giant man hands, these buggers are just huge.

We’ve given 3 zucchini away, and I’ve cooked two already with one more giant zucchini waiting in the wings. Here are a few recipes I’ve used so far:

Lemon Net Really Spaghetti Zucchini


– One large or two medium Zucchini

– One carrot peeled

– 1/4 c bread cumbs

– 3 shallots sliced thin

– 4T nutritional yeast flakes

– 2T extra virgin olive oil

– 2T capers

– 2T Lemon Juice

– 4 to 5 chopped fresh basil leaves

– 1T Oregano

– salt and pepper to taste


– Peel your zucchini & carrot with a  vegetable peeler into long stripes. Including the skin.

– Slice your shallots fine

–  On medium heat in a fry pan…Fry, zucchini, carrots and shallots in oil and lemon juice until shallots are tender. 3 minutes.

– Add all other ingredients, and gently saute for about 7 minutes.

Serve as a side or as the main attraction.

I also made zucchini bread, and a vegetable lasagna with a few variations from this recipe. I added broccoli as well as carrots and instead of the parmesean I just made a tofu ricotta.

Our tomato plants are also full of green tomatoes soon to ripen. So I’m sure I’ll be posting some tomato recipes too! So proud of my little seedlings. 🙂

Are you harvesting anything yet? Whatcha got cookin’?


About VeggieKim

I am a twenty-something gal living in Central Pennsylvania aspiring to have my own edible garden. Follow me thru my trials and tribulations as I journey from seed to harvest.
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