Week 6: Thinning my Spring Vegetables

The Spring vegetable garden has been growing nicely and I am now monitoring the vegetables for when they’re ready to be thinned.

Thinning requires one to look and see if any seedlings are crowding each other and pulling out some of them to make room. This encourages growth and a larger vegetable.

For example my beets AKA The Beet Goes On… are growing extremely close together…


If they continue to grow this way, when beets begin to mature there will be no room for them to expand and they’ll be very small and stunted. So needless to say, I pull out a few little beet sprouts to make space.

Beet babies! Or seedlings...whatevs.

I probably should thin out my carrots but I decided to let them grow a little while longer. Last year my carrots were close together and grew just fine. They were the King Carrot variety.

Big Top Carrots.

Unfortunately, my Spring Onuyms aren’t really sprouting in full force. The onions really only came up in one little patch like Homer Simpson hair. Whomp Whomp.

Week 6 of growing for my Spring Onyums

Spinach seem to have adapted to their new outdoor surroundings as well. I think with the warm and wet weather Central PA is scheduled to have this week, the plants will probably grow even more!

I think in about two weeks I’ll be able to have my first salad! The Mesclun Mix is colorful-delicious.

Now, in other sadder news… I forgot to plant my Rhubarb. And it is now Rhu-dead. It’s been sitting in a drawer with the other seed packets waiting to be planted and has dried out. It was crumbling in my hand when I busted open the bag…Doh!

That is not what it looks like. This is the remains of a dried out Rhubarb bulb.

Next week I plant on finally putting my seedlings in the ground. I think they’re ready…


About VeggieKim

I am a twenty-something gal living in Central Pennsylvania aspiring to have my own edible garden. Follow me thru my trials and tribulations as I journey from seed to harvest.
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